It’s been a while, my apologies!

I have discovered Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had Pinterest for quite some time, but it’s for my everyday boring self. I have recipes boards, few of which I ever make, hair and make-up, fashion, and DIY projects I don’t have the bravery to attempt. I’m not crafty. I’d like to be, but the results are always disastrous. Anyway, I was on Twitter yesterday and another writer mentioned Pinterest boards for writers. It hadn’t occurred to me. I don’t know why, it just hadn’t. The last 3 days, I’ve been making character inspiration boards for the Through the Darkness characters! I had reference pics save in the gallery on my phone, I put them in the boards so if any of my readers want to see them, they can. It’s so fun. Also, there’s a sneak peek board *wink, wink* everything on it relates to a book I’m working on in some way or another. So, wander over to Pinterest and search for my name, if you’re so inclined.

Updates as far as marketing, there’s not much. I’m still playing around with things. I can say that, so far, after more than a month, the lock screen advertisements through amazon has not translated into even one sale. Not one. Poor timing or something else, I’m unsure, but as of today I am trying the route of having my book show up as sponsored to hopefully get it more exposure.

Thank you for listening and don’t forget to go check out those Pinterest boards. Seriously, even if they don’t do great as a marketing tool (which I’ve been told they can be) I love having a visual representation of these people and places that take up so much space in my head. Give it a try and see if you can find your characters, memes that remind you of them, heck even clothes! Go nuts!

Until next time,

J.D. Caren

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