Hello everyone! So, first things first: a lesson learned. Your paperback, should you choose to publish one, is not subject to preorders. What this means is even if your ebook has a future release date but is up for pre-order and for folks to get a gander at your goodies, those settings do not follow your paperback. As soon as you hit publish, it’s there and available for purchase. Not my plan, but, meh. I’m not going to take it down or unpublish it to make it unavailable because the truth of it is, the odds of anyone buying a more expensive paperback from an author they’ve never heard of is slim to none.

Another lesson: imprint. Research this heavily. Do not just rely on the little drop down “what’s this” arrow on Amazon. I thought it wanted the company I purchased my ISBN numbers from so they could confirm I own the rights, so I put Bowker. That’s not what that meant. Whatever you put in that imprint box, shows up as your publisher. After further investigation (which I should have done before this) you can register to be your own publishing company. Keep in mind, I am still learning thus as well, but it seems thorough research to ensure the name you’ve chosen isn’t used by anyone else anywhere is a must or you could face copyright infringement. Just research, research, research. Imprint, not as in Twilight wolves, remember that term.

One week left and Through the Darkness will officially be released into the wild! I’m excited and scared to death all at the same time.

Thanks for listening,

J.D. Caren

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