I hit submit…

I did it. I chose the cover designer. Damonza. After the entire process with them, I’ll give you a little review of how it went. I also purchased ISBN numbers today. I did this because I feel that since I have decided to self-publish, I want as much of this to be all mine as possible with as many opportunities as possible. If you only want to use Amazon publishing exclusively forever and ever amen, then a free ISBN through them is the way to go. However, if you dream big like me and hope to one day add your books to library shelves or local bookstores, you’ll need your own ISBN.

It is my understanding that should you publish with KDP/CreateSpace, for example, then you notice a promo or retailer on Smashwords or Draft2Digital you’d like to try, you may not be able to do so because you have to use the avenues allotted by the holder of the ISBN. I want to be the holder. Me. Mine. All the power…uh, sorry, I got carried away for a bit.

Keep in mind, this is my maiden voyage into the self-publishing waters, so do a lot of additional research and find what works best for you! I have found https://self-publishingschool.com to be an extremely helpful website. It is in my favorites tab. Speaking of which, have a favorites list. Seriously, it will save so much trouble. If you’re like me, you will not remember that website, nor where you wrote down that website no matter what you tell yourself. One more thing on ISBNs, I bought 10 for $295.00. The one for your ebook is different than for print. So one book, 2 ISBN numbers if you intend to do print as well as ebook. http://www.Bowker.com is the site I used.

I will do a more thorough “this is what I did” post after Damonza gets back to me with news about my cover. Hopefully their feedback will allow me to tell y’all, “well, I did it like this and they thought I was the biggest dummy ever, so do not seek that treasure.” Or, “success. Gold. It worked.”

Thanks for listening!

Through The Darkness: A Grim Delights Novel** coming soon!

**I cant decide between ‘A Grim Delights Novel’ and ‘A Tale of Grim Delights’

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