Now what…?

I wrote a book. I. Wrote. A. Book. It’s an amazing feeling and a hard-fought accomplishment. This 450 page monster I purged from my imagination was time from my husband, my family, my pets, the sun, it was time from the world buzzing around me. I didn’t mind, though, because as any writer or fellow daydreamer will tell you, I spent my time in a world unexplored by those living out their days oblivious to the battle I just watched my protagonist leave bleeding but alive. Victorious. I want to share this world with all of you, so now what?

I researched. “Get a social media presence,” they said. Okay, Twitter here I come. I created a Facebook page just for this persona. I slowly began to gain followers. I also discovered resources in writer’s groups and the #writingcommunity. “If nothing else, pay for an editor.” Okay. “If nothing else, pay to have a professional cover.” Two must-haves, so declare those who have swam these waters before me. I searched the writer’s groups and found an editor. (I have to insert here that I was very, very fortunate to find her. Shameless plug for the infinitely patient

I watched my book become more polished and professional. And, oh my goodness me did it make my little heart flutter in my chest when I got to say “my editor.” I found a way to work it into conversation to an embarrassing degree, but let’s move along. The cover. The other most important thing. The thing that sells your book. But, wait…the blurb on the back. What if I pay for this amazing cover designed to lure in the most reluctant of browsers and then they read the blurb only to put it down? The cover got them. They looked, they took the time to read the blurb and decided against. All of the sudden, this 450 book, this chunk of my life, this baby I have birthed into this world pared down to 250 words, a measly 250 words became my undoing.

If you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m a bit of an overthinker. Just a smidgen. The anxiety I felt over that blurb, it was crippling. Every single time I sat down to type it out, I froze. Nothing but thoughts of the ruination of this book came to mind and my fingers stalled. That amazing editor I spoke about? She messaged me one morning. We’d finished, job complete, but she still messaged me to see how things were progressing. I think I fell for her a little that morning (my apologies to Mr. Tanyaedits). She said, “send me what you’ve got. I’ll help you.” I could’ve cried.

I have a blurb. Now to choose a cover designer. Next problem, I haven’t the foggiest idea of what I want. I exasperate myself at times, y’all, I know. It’s a dark paranormal romance with light fantasy elements. I’ve scoured covers in these genres. I’ve found a few things that caught my eye and saved the image as suggested to present to the artist. I asked the twitter writing community to suggest cover designers and they did not fail. I think I’ve made the choice as to who, but still fuzzy on the what. I do not envy these people the job of dealing with my anxious, over-thinking, indecisive self. Sorry.

This company offers 3D renderings, I had no idea what this was. I had to look it up. Do I need a banner? A bookmark? What are the benefits of these things? How do I even save all this stuff to upload? What if while fumbling through how to save or upload I hit a button and completely dismantle the cover art? Is paying them to format my book a necessity? I doubt my ability to do it on my own, but people are doing it everyday, right?

This would probably be a good time to mention I am not tech savvy. I have questions (and you guessed it, anxiety) I feel everyone but me knows the answers to. I have a fear of looking stupid, but I have to get these questions answered to move forward. I will ask them because this is important to me. Writing. This is my home. My child. My everything.

As I get answers to my “stupid” questions, I will post them here in hopes that someone else who feels the same will sound like a pro when they have to speak with the “must-have” people. Also, if you’re reading this and in the same boat, you are most certainly not alone. We will get it done, though. After all, we wrote a book, created whole worlds, people, creatures, pets, etc. from nothing and that’s much bigger than the anxieties of inexperience.

Thanks for listening.

Through the Darkness: A Tale of Grim Delights coming soon!

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