Notice anything?

Yep, shamelessly pointing out my cover! I love it. Tonight, I am researching how best to use it to my best advantage. I have posted the banner I ordered as the cover photo on Twitter and Facebook along with this page. Another new thing you may notice, links to social media on my page. I freely admit when I set this up, I chose the theme with the eenie meenie miney mo, method. (Dara, is my theme.) I learned tonight that the help feature really does…you know…help. Who knew? I opened the help page’s handy-dandy instructions in a different window to reference often. There are still some tweaks I want to make, but, for tonight, I’m tapping out.

Now, let’s talk about what went kitchy the last few days, shall we? Damonza sent my formatted ebook files AKA MOBI (for kindles) and epub (for ereaders). They also provided a link to download an ereader. I had a little difficulty getting the mobi file to work. The crew at Damonza worked with me to fix the issue, but it ultimately led to me setting up my KDP account earlier than I planned in order to utilize their ereader. Now, friends, this was a stressful day. There were tantrums, tossed up hands, and enough cursing to pinken the cheeks of the hardest criminal type. In the end, though, the process went as well as could be expected. KDP gives step-by-step instructions and it was more exciting than I knew to expect to see my book in kindle format. Such a small thing. And I was even reading it in kindle mode on my laptop, didn’t dim the excitement at all.

One of the things I had to do was set up a date of publication. Know that if you choose a May 24th publication date, KDP requires your final manuscript to be uploaded by the 20th, so be aware of that. Damonza was also kind enough to split my final bill so I could have the ebook cover and content for upload instead of leaving it as a draft with no cover and no visibility until they put the finishing touches on the paper back and hardback.

So, my book is up and available for pre-order. The look inside option is, I’m told, something that will automatically happen within a week or so of the actual release date on the 24th. Friends, I am having terrible anxiety at the thought that there is no content. That the Mobi file is still hinky, I hadn’t done something right with the KDP ereader after all and the ebook will be unreadable! Ugh. I want to use the look inside option now, so I will know for sure. I want to see the text I wrote and know it’s not a blank page or wingdings.

Thank you for listening!

Goodnight, Friends.

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